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Companies just like yours are wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours on poorly performing direct mail campaigns

Without a good understanding of USPS regulations, companies are launching campaigns with the wrong mailing technique, the wrong mailer size and format, and even the wrong delivery method. The result? Higher costs, and worse results.

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Your campaign is only as good as your list. And most companies don't have very good lists. Bad addresses, poor organization. The problems go on and on. The end result is a huge percentage of the mailing – and your message – going undelivered.

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Once your mailing hits the USPS, it might as well be hitting a black hole. The only result you can measure is conversion. You don't even know if your message was delivered? What would be ideal would be real accountability, and real analytics.

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Now There's a better way

What you need is the right partner. A partner who has the expertise to help you navigate complex USPS regulations. A partner who has the products you need to optimize lists and databases, as well as manage andtrack your mailings. What you need is wisDM.

Work smarter, not harder, with these easy-to-implement direct mail solutions from wisDM



An objective audit of mailing sizes, forms and structures to ensure compliance with USPS regulations, as well as recommendations for techniques and targets to maximize results.

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Advanced, industry-leading software algorithms process and optimize your lists, ensuring the most accurate addressing and the most efficient routing methodologies.

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IMB Tracing is the only USPS approved system for tracking the status of mailpiece scan through the nationwide USPS system using real-time scans from across the country.

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We can help you with your mailing needs but don’t take our word for it. Take our customer’s words instead

Our Customers

For printers and mailing managers, wisDM is your go-to-resource for specialized expertise, overflow challenges, and advanced tools to improve efficiencies, results, and your bottom line.

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For marketers who just aren’t sure where to start, wisDM provides a guiding hand to help you navigate the learning curve, as well as the products to maximize campaign effectiveness and ROI.

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For political parties and other organizations with complex mailing needs, wisDM can help you get the very most from the USPS, optimizing all aspects of the process to maximize your mailing resources.

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