If you are a member of IMS Barter and looking for ways to effectively spend your barter dollars, then  look no further.  Whether you are looking for simple color copies, printing menus on synthetic no-tear materials, printed and addressed direct mail, then we can help you!

We offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities at market pricing and 100% barter:

  • personalized letters
  • personalized postcards, folded self-mailers, newsletters and enveloped mail
  • list acquisition
  • inkjetting or laser printing
  • mailpiece design consultation
  • EDDM processing Click Here
  • Proximity Mailings Click Here
  • New Neighbor Mailings Click Here
  • database processing for printers/mailers who address their own work

We were one of the first mailing services designated as a USPS Certified Full-service Mailing Service Provider.   To see our software capabilities Click here

Whether you are an agency/designer looking for a comprehensive source for marketing materials or you are a printer or mailing service and looking to expand your capabilities, then fill out the below form to let us know what you are looking for.