wisDM brings you a web portal to allow customers real-time access to reports on your direct mail campaign.  When you sign up as a customer we provide you with a secure area where we store analytical reports for your marketing campaign:

  • Address Quality Dashboard: a comprehensive assessment based upon USPS CASS, NCOA, and a detailed review of your mailing database
  • Changes of address: mailing databases are processed using USPS approved Move Update procedures.  Any changes of address that we encounter are written back to our Web Portal so you can update your in house database for future campaigns.  Clean data is better data.
  • CASS/NCOA drops: in the course of processing your database we may determine that some addresses do not meet USPS standards for mailing.  We will write these addresses to the Web Portal so you can decide whether to remove them or correct them in house.  For problematic addresses wisDM does offer a premium Address Resolution Service that will correct many of these addresses.
  • Postage statement: a copy of the postage statement that we will submit to the USPS on your behalf so you have a complete record
  • Mailpiece tracking by date: barcodes on most mailpieces are captured by the USPS as the pieces flow through the USPS scanners.  We upload this data throughout the day and generate summary reports providing you with a thumbnail sketch of how much mail has completed final sorting on a day by day basis.  Mail is generally delivered within 1 business day (often the same day) it completes its final scanning.   If you are providing mailing services to end customers, then we can white label these reports with your company logo
  • Mailpiece tracking by state:this report provides a summary of final scanning on a state by state basis

Web portal www.mailtracker.us

A guest account has been set up, so you can test drive the interface to our Web Portal and see representative reports available for mailings.

Once you log into our portal, here is an example of some of the representative reports you can see for your mailing.

Log into the GuestUser account today to see more details on these reports.


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