Every month,  2 to 3 million people in the U.S. move to a new home. Once they move, they start searching for auto repair, dentists, shops and other places of business in their new neighborhoods.   If your business needs new customers to market a product or service to, then consider a New Neighbor Direct Mail Program from Perinton Publishing.  We can help you connect to people moving into your market.  Although almost any business could benefit from a New Neighbor Direct Mail Program, some of the most successful are:

  •   Auto Repair/Oil Change
  •   Bars and Restaurants
  •   Dentists, Doctors, and Veterinarians
  •   Contractors
  •   Hair Salons
  •   Health and Fitness
  •   Law Care Services
  •   Opticians and Optometrists
  •   Tanning Salon
  •   Tax Preparation
  •   Carpet Cleaning

Let these New Movers know about your business right after they move in and you will have a better chance of getting their business.

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