Every business knows that new customers are hard to find.   Businesses also know the benefit of a referral from a satisfied, existing customer.  Proximity mailings combine both concepts into a powerful marketing concept known as Proximity Mailings, 50 Around Mailings, or Job Site Radius Mailings.  Proximity Mailings are great tools for contractors doing lengthy, expensive or visible outdoor work.  They can also work well for contractors who like to book a lot of work in the same area of town at the same time to be more efficient.

Let's construct a sample Proximity Mailing for Joe's Roofing Company.  Joe has a week-long roofing job for an older home with a very complex roof.  He wants to take advantage of his visible presence in an affluent neighborhood to generate more leads for roofing jobs.  Joe knows that traffic up and down the street is modest and only a limited number of cars drive by.  Joe decides to mail to another 100 homeowners around his work location encouraging them to drive by and see his work.  Joe can combine this with door hangers on homes down the street to further drive traffic past his job site.

As long as people have homes, those homes will need improvements and repairs! While marketing tactics differ depending on the specific products or services offered, all home improvement businesses benefit from multi-channel marketing.  Proximity direct mail is the ideal way to reach customers near your current job site.  You don't have to mail thousands of piece to get a good ROI.

  • Targeted! When you mail around the job site you’re already working in, you reach leads with the same demographics and, likely, with the same needs for your services.
  • Easy! Send us the address of your next job.  We can pull nearby prospects from your mailing list or generate a  custom mailing list for you.
  • Affordable! You longer have to purchase thousands of generic postcards for a mailing.  We use a high-speed digital press to print custom cards for you.  Quantities start as little as 100 cards.

When you’re ready to supplement your online marketing with a direct mail campaign, give us a call. Years of experience and expertise await to help turn your customer’s neighbors into customers too!

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