When customers don't have a mailing list or need to augment their mailing list then we use a commercial list broker to rent a mailing list.  There are a wide variety of lists hat are available but here are some of the most popular:

Compact Consumer Lists  Reach individuals at their home address using the Compact Consumer Plus file. Compact’s consumer data is updated monthly and is compiled from numerous sources that include consumer surveys, public records, purchase transactions, real estate data, and more. Unique elements include elderly adult selects, family position codes, and hobbies and interests


Compact Resident List- Reach and saturate mailable residential and businesses addresses in the United States. Compact’s data is updated monthly and is compiled from the United States Postal Service’s Zip + 4 Address database. Unique elements include Census-based demographics, route types, and the ability to identify seasonal addresses.

Avrick Direct Combined New Mover File Identify individuals who have moved to a new residence within the last two years using the Avrick Combined New Mover File. Avrick’s new mover data is updated weekly and is compiled from three distinct sources that provide a significantly larger marketable universe over a standard single source solution. Unique elements include consumer demographics, distance of move, and previous address flags

Inforgroup US Business File Reach businesses at their mailing address using the Infogroup U.S. Business File. Infogroup’s business data is updated monthly and is compiled from hundreds of sources that include corporate websites, new business filings, telephone directories, and more. Unique elements include business credit scores, franchise codes, bankruptcy data, and more.

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