A typical indicia includes the city and state where the is held.  Our PRSRT STD indicia shows Rochester NY. 

 Postal regulations DMM 604.5.1.11 states "Mail must be deposited and accepted at the Post Office that issued the permit, at a time and place designated by the postmaster".  wisDM Direct Mail Solutions, a Perinton Publishing Company, has been approved to drop off mail at any post office even though the mail bears an indicia from another post office through an advanced program called MailAnywhere.

Smaller printers can piggyback off of our MailAnywhere privileges and compete with larger printers in nearby larger cities.  Most larger cities are considered an SCF by the USPS and mailers get highly discounted SCF rates for local mail dropped off at the SCF because the mail is sorted at most SCFs.  This discount currently amounts to $28/thousand mailpieces.

Here's how MailAnywhere would work for a printer.  Suppose a printer services customers in half a dozen nearby zipcodes.  It is conceivable that this could involve mailings being dropped at each of the half dozen cities each with their own Bulk Mail Entry Units (BMEU).  MailAnywhere allows the printer/mailer to print and address the mailings for the half dozen cities and bring it to the single SCF BMEU.  The printer/mailer drives to just a single BMEU each day and saves the customer $28/thousand on local mail.

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